envoNEWS October 2022

Dear Climate Changers!   As the season begins to change in much of the world, there is plenty of relief, joy and wonder. In much of the Northern Hemisphere, the beauty of autumn brings relief from the record-breaking temperatures and the drought, while for the Tropics marks the end of the monsoon and flood risks […]

envoNEWS September 2022

Dear Well-wisher, With the plastic waste crisis in full effect, Chemical recycling is increasing as well as its concerns. In an effort to cut carbon emissions, the British government is investing in new woodlands and nature reserves. Social media platform Facebook is utilizing a new tool called ‘Climate Club’ that helps companies track and improve […]

envoNEWS | August 2022

Another month passes by and the planet continues to manifest its rage against humanity, as a heatwave sparks new forest fires in California. Whose responsibility is it to ensure climate conservation – governments, corporations or consumers? Scientists in the UK are planning civil disobedience demonstrations in front of government offices to elucidate the gravity of the climate crisis. The BBC recently found […]

EnvoNEWS | July 2022

Plastic-Free July might be behind us, but let’s continue the good habits cultivated last month so our planet can regenerate itself faster. It sounds like a choice, but it’s really a necessity. With the UK seeing its highest recorded temperature of 40.3C last month and other climate events playing out globally, how many more signs […]

EnvoNEWS | June 2022

June is celebrated globally as Pride Month, and with each passing year, we hope the movement gets stronger and louder! As we step into Plastic-Free July, the pride continues in the form of some pro-planet news. India has banned single-use plastic from the 1st of July, and the very same law will come into effect […]

EnvoNEWS | May 2022

It seems like 2022 started only yesterday, but we’re already at the end of the fifth month! May is named after the Greek goddess Maia who loved looking after plants. We’re not sure if humanity shares her passion because global deforestation rates aren’t reducing fast enough. According to a latest article by the BBC, tree […]

EnvoNEWS | Apr 2022

The 4th month of the Gregorian calendar starts off with the one and only April Fools Day. As friends, colleagues, and family members were busy pranking each other, it was discovered that most British businesses were unaware of the UK Plastic Packaging Tax 2022, which came into effect on the very same day! Funny or […]

envoNEWS | Mar 2022

Spring is finally here! As animals wake up from hibernation, humans too are undergoing a mass awakening from a long slumber of climate negligence. March began with a major climate win at a UN Environment Assembly meeting in Nairobi, where almost 200 countries agreed to start negotiating the terms for a global treaty to tackle […]

EnvoNEWS | Feb 2022

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February made great strides in the road to Net Zero. From cocktail party rhetoric to front page news, sustainability is finally where it deserves to be – centre stage. A global study conducted by IPSOS has found that 75% of respondents want single-use plastic banned and from […]

EnvoNEWS | Jan 2022

envoPAP wishes you the very best for 2022! We have a lot of exciting events planned this year and shall share more details in good time. Years of R&D are at the point of culmination as we are set to disrupt packaging forever and some big announcements are on the horizon so please watch this […]