With the global pandemic forcing in-person shops and retail outlets to close, the demand for e-commerce alternatives has risen exponentially. Due to this, we have seen a huge increase in plastic and packaging waste. Our envoMAILERS provide a sustainable solution without compromising the safety of an online order.


Secure transit of goods

Peel and Seal for easy returns

Reduces your carbon footprint


Legal delivery

Medical delivery

Clothing delivery

Certified By Intertek As

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Marine Degradable

Our Promise

Our bespoke range of eco-friendly finished products guarantee a sustainable experience for the consumer and the planet, every time. We believe in changing paper and packaging for the better through each of our bespoke products. Sustainability for us starts from the beginning and remains till the very end of the product’s life cycle. Therefore, it was important that our entire range of packaging materials went through a rigorous Life Cycle Assessment to ensure that it is sustainable end-to-end. Not only does our bespoke range ensure the safety of your package, but it also protects the planet by preventing any more deforestation, unnecessary pollution and energy wastage.