The Future is a Result of the Present: Making Today Count

Spring is traditionally the planting season, when farmers and gardeners begin planting, with the view to enjoying the fruits of the labour in September/October. The actions taken today, will determine the outcome in the future. Similarly, the impact of the actions taken today on the environment will only be visible in the future. There are […]

Creating a Tomorrow by Today’s Generation

Much has been said and written about Net Zero. Governments, Organizations, Civil & Social Groups have raised their voices about what must be done, and what will come, if not done. Yet, these groups who believe they represent the billions, are made up of just a few educated individuals whose message can often be lost, […]

Valentines Day: Is it a day to celebrate love or waste?

The tradition of Valentine’s Day has been widely celebrated for centuries. However, the holiday has been taken over by consumerism and led to an increase in the global carbon footprint. So today, we ask if this is a holiday to celebrate love or waste?  February 14th began in Ancient Greece where offerings were brought to […]

Wrap Your Gifts in Sustainable Joy

Christmas time is here… almost! With the holiday season fast approaching, stores are gearing up for shoppers looking for presents and packaging to wrap them in. Everyone is excited about those huge boxes wrapped in Christmas paper and holiday cards. Everyone except the environment, of course. This festive decorating may seem glamorous, but it also […]

Living with Nature: Plastic Waste Free

Alexander Parkes & Leo Baekland, names that few would have heard of, have our gratitude for many things, but most importantly for the invention of what is now known loosely as plastic. History is steeped in irony, but arguably none more so than that of plastic. Alexander Parkes manufactured the first ever material (Parkesine) now […]

Why All Businesses Must Embrace Sustainability in 2022

“You know what they say, If you got it, flaunt it”As Corporate Social Responsibility has increased in popularity over the last decade, businesses are turning to more sustainable options for their business practices such as reducing their carbon footprint and utilizing sustainable paper and packaging materials. Consumers are demanding businesses to make the switch to […]

Her Story – An Unequal Climate

It was a fateful day in 2011 when Beyoncé asked “Who runs the world?” The more accurate question, we posit: “Who runs the planet?” Or, even more exact: “Who runs the planet and who does the planet run against?” We often hear about feminism and climate change as two separate issues–– they have different marches, […]

Seal The Deal – The Importance Of Certifications

Perhaps no one else communicated the demand for and importance of certifications better than Ty Dolla Sign, when he said “J. Cole went platinum with no features, and I wanna go platinum!” Of course, Mr. Dolla Sign was referring to one of the music industry’s most prestigious certifications, the Recording Industry of America’s Platinum Record […]

Climate Responsibility – Governments, Corporations or Consumers?

Blame it’s tough to take, easy to serve. A claim that you have most definitely heard, read, and seen numerous times over the past two years–– one that has been broadcasted by scientists, activists, academics, and journalists alike: humans are, unequivocally, the primary drivers of climate change. We can split up human society into three […]

Write of Passage – Paper V/s Digital

A very famous man once wrote that the entirety of human history can be thought of as the history of class struggles–– the fight between the haves and the have-nots. Others have posited that war–– conflict between entire civilisations and between countries–– is the only foundation that all societies are built upon. Today, domestically and […]