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Spring is in the air in most of the Northern Hemisphere and in the South the beautiful colours of Autumn leaves are seen in the parks, forests and lining the streets of cities. Regardless of where you are, change of season focuses the body to prepare for the upcoming summer/winter. It is an important time for all of us as our crops are planted/harvested, the success/failure of a good season will determine the mood of the population for the rest of the year. Infact, a bad harvest/planting season in many parts of the world, leads to higher food prices and is known to cause riots, protests and even toppled governments.

However, this fragile balance is governed by the climate and weather conditions, including the ocean currents. The warming of our planet is beginning to disrupt this natural cycle, leading to extreme weather events, which has a direct impact on the planting/harvests and production of food.

As we move into Spring/Autumn, it is a good time to reflect on what we can individually do to reduce our impact on the climate. In our blog this month, the team of envoPAP have put together some measures that they have taken to reduce their impact, whilst also saving money. Good for the planet, good for the pocket. Let us know on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram what changes you are making – perhaps we can all benefit from it.

Our Planet

A round-up of the key environmental news this month.


Hormone-disrupting chemicals are entering our bodies. We eat 44lbs of plastic in our lifetimes


Fossil fuel emissions from electricity set to fall – Climate Change Report


Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late

Industry Insights

The latest from the packaging industry.

Yum! Brands’ New Packaging Policy Has the Potential To Make a Global Impact

The Sustainable Packaging Market is anticipated to surpass US$ 533.9 billion by 2033 Says Future Market Insights, Inc

Spring is traditionally the planting season, when farmers and gardeners begin planting, with the view to enjoying the fruits of the labour in September/October. The actions taken today, will determine the outcome in the future.

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