A Material Revolution

A (r)evolution of tree-free technology
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We are a sustainable materials company based in the UK, which uses green technology to create sustainable products that save the environment. Instead of wood-fibre and fuel-based plastics, we innovate by using reclaimed agricultural waste as the raw material to make a wide variety of printing and packaging products.
Our products perform the same functions as our unsustainable counterparts, but at a fraction of the environmental cost. By putting people and the planet before profits, we create extra income for local farmers, helps countries and corporations reduce their carbon footprint and play an active part in the global effort against climate change.
Sustainable Solutions

We aim to reduce your carbon footprint
from Day 1

Sustainable Innovation

We believe in giving agricultural
waste a second life

Beyond Sustainability

Our materials are capable of amplifying
your whole customer experience

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We offer a wide variety of environment friendly materials that can be applied in numerous ways to make sustainability the new normal.
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What we do

We create end-to-end sustainable solutions that save the environment. We want to embrace sustainability as a core business activity and develop environmentally friendly products from agro-residue that can transform innovation and waste usage.
Carbon footprint saving*

*compared to conventional paper

Trees saved since 2015
Carbon footprint saving*

*compared to conventional packaging

Case studies

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  • Our flagship product is currently being used for office printing requirements by L’Oreal’s HQ based in London replacing tree-paper and wood-based fibers giving sustainability a chance!


    Trees saved


    Carbon footprint saved

  • Our UK Stockists, Springfield Papers have built a great track record of their efforts towards saving our environment.


    Trees saved


    Carbon footprint reduced

  • Our ecoPOUCH is currently being used by Sudzucker for sugar packaging, trying to do their bit towards our environment!


    Trees saved


    Carbon footprint saved

  • We are currently co-developing with Lloyds to reduce their carbon footprint by replacing their communication materials with envoPAP materials.


    Trees saved


    Carbon footprint saved

  • Our envoCOPY is currently being used by Founders Factory London replacing tree-paper and giving sustainability agro-waste a clear chance!


    Trees saved


    Carbon footprint saved

Hear from our CEO

''We exist to raise the standard of sustainable packaging solutions by helping brands create wealth for the world from waste.''
Hear from the CEO

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  • HH Global is excited about the possibilities envoPAP can provide in support of our Innovation with Purpose Program. We constantly strive to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to our fantastic portfolio of global clients and envoPAP is just such a product. envoPAP has a strong sustainable backstory that we feel sure will resonate with our client base, and we look forward to delivering some great campaigns with it.

    Kevin Dunckley

    Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, HH GLOBAL

Ready to make the change?

From preserving our precious forests, responsible procurement of raw materials and improving our planet, we all need to do this together

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