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envoNEWS May 2023

We are 8!


On May 17th, 2023, envoPAP turned 8 years old, and dare we say it – The future is bright! What started as a sustainability movement, trend, fashion, has now become the way of life. To live responsibly and sustainably is now a moral duty for all of us. Even the polluters are now fighting for the sustainable limelight (!), but saying that you are sustainably polluting the air is not really our cup of tea, so we refuse to cover their efforts. This month, we are going to be at multiple events, banging the drum for responsibility and ownership, including Innovation Zero and Change Paris. If you fancy a sustainable coffee or a refreshing chat, please drop us a email.

In the meantime, enjoy a cake on our behalf!

Our Planet

A round-up of the key environmental news this month.


Northern Territory tourism is experiencing a revival, with Skyscanner data revealing a 66.5 per cent surge in bookings to Darwin.


Gen Z, millennials and parents are particularly supportive of eco-friendly companies.


Scientists say greenhouse gases have already affected climate patterns in the Pacific that could lead to more severe weather, floods and heatwaves.

Industry Insights

The latest from the packaging industry.

M&S Launches New Recyclable Rice And Grains Packaging

Mann Ki Baat Boosts India’s Efforts Towards Sustainable Development Goals

Investment In Sustainable Packaging Material Will Increase Over The Next Five Years

Hublot And Nespresso Unveil A Watch Made From Recycled Coffee Capsules

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