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envoNEWS June 2023

Summer of Sustainable Change


The sun is out and the world suddenly looks more energetic, more positive and more collaborative. Sustainability is the flavour of the season and already we are seeing huge changes coming into play.

Perhaps there is a good reason to hope. From the Swiss referendum to cut carbon emissions, to the Netherlands implementing a charge for to-go plastic food packaging from 1st July 2023, and the recently completed UN Plastic pollution summit, sustainability is in the air…

As we prepare for the annual European summer holiday pilgrimage, in our blog this month, we talk about the team’s 3 most popular tips on keeping cool and embracing nature.

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Our Planet

A round-up of the key environmental news this month.


No corner of the planet is free from minuscule fragments of plastic packaging, textiles or utensils. We ask scientists what this means for our health – and what we should do to protect it


A new law will require less dependence on imported oil and gas and more use of renewable sources.


Producers and importers may not market certain products made of single-use plastic.

Industry Insights

The latest from the packaging industry.

Walmart Adopts Waste-Reduction for its E-com Packaging

Why has demand for corrugated and folding cartons fallen?

Robinsons squash to be sold in ‘89% plant-based’ carton packaging

Food packaging trends shift towards sustainability

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