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Products made with an environmental difference

Locally sourced agricultural waste from sugarcane and wheat straw fibres blend together to create the fibres of our premium quality paper and packaging materials. Explore our sustainable solutions to help create a circular economy within your business.


From copy paper you need at home to printing paper for your company brochures, this range is perfect for your everyday, office and business printing needs. Each of our sustainable paper products fights deforestation, reduces air pollution and guarantees excellent printability each time.*

sustainable wrapping paper


After exporting printing & packaging materials to more than 50 countries, envoPAP proudly presents its range of Bespoke products. Created to meet the increasing demand for packaging in the new normal, we offer five products that are 100% customisable.


We offer partnership opportunities for bespoke packaging solutions that would enable your business to reduce its carbon footprint, making your products far more competitive than anything else available in the market.**

eco friendly paper bag

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