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envoNEWS Feb 2023

Dear Well-wisher,

Spring is in the air for the Northern Hemisphere. A time traditionally for cleaning and discarding all unused and waste items sitting under the bed, in the loft and in places forgotten for echelons. A good time then to share, barter, lend and borrow, for one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Easter is round the corner, a time within the Christian faith for gratefulness, reflection, death and resurrection. Perhaps, this is an incentive, whatever your faiths and beliefs, to resurrect your belongings, repurpose it and give it another life. In our blog this month, we have shared some interesting organisations that are doing just that. Have a read, and feel free to shout out at LinkedIn any organisations you think can be of use in this quest of repurposing, sharing and creating wealth from waste. Happy Spring Cleaning!

Our Planet

A round-up of the key environmental news this month.


A new European Union (EU) project network has launched aimed at accelerating collaboration in textile sustainability.


Research finds waste flushed down toilets and sent to sewage plants probably responsible for significant source of water pollution


Scientists prove clear link between deforestation and local drop in rainfall


Burger King rolls out deposit return scheme for reusable plastic cups in Germany

Industry Insights

The latest from the packaging industry.

CMA guidance on environmental sustainability agreements

Green Technology and Sustainability Market Exhibits 20.6% CAGR to Hit USD 51.09 Billion by 2029

Data, the consumer electronics industry and sustainability

Drilling down into Mintel’s predictions for the packaging industry in 2023

Much has been said and written about Net Zero. Governments, Organizations, Civil & Social Groups have raised their voices about what must be done, and what will come, if not done.

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