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We envisage a future where envoPAP paper and packaging can be used as a substitute for any unsustainable alternative.
We strive to be a part of a world where producing and purchasing paper and packaging means caring for the environment.

With sustainability at the heart of our organisation, we prioritise benefiting the planet and society and also achieve our own profitable growth. We are driven by current environmental concerns and the rising need for sustainable practises. Our aim is to educate and empower our workers and customers alike so that supply chains all over the world are sustainable from start to finish. In order to make this aim a reality, all single-use plastics and wood-based paper must be replaced with our end to end sustainable agro-waste materials.

Impact calculator

Want to find out how using envoPAP copy paper can help you create a valuable contribution to helping our planet? Input your paper usage in number of reams and find out how your simple switch can create a lasting impact!



Trees saved

8 packets of our A4 copy paper, will help you save one tree. 2083 boxes will help you save one hectare of a forest.

Innovating Sustainable Solutions

We strive to provide a range of circular opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and choose more responsible products.

In addition to high-quality and reliable raw material supply, we stand tall on a wealth of global expertise for revolutionising paper and packaging industries. For us, sustainable development makes good business sense.

We build on finding materials for tomorrow, today. We strongly believe in collaborating to find an innovative solution satisfying your requirements and helping you make the Earth greener.

Why is envoPAP better than recycled paper?

No purification needed

It is a clean raw material that does not need to be purified first like recycled paper.

Reusing waste materials

It is a good example of using green energy to reuse waste materials.

Carbon footprint saving

It has 38% carbon footprint saving compared to conventional paper.

envoPAP Open Research

We believe in empowering paper and packaging research for the planet and for you.

Consumers around the world are using paper and paper packaging products for daily needs that success has inspired us to widen the scope from paper made of chopped wood to introduction of envoPAP for Research.

An open framework for developing products and packages makes it easier to enrol consumers, companies and organizations and conduct studies. With the right knowledge, you can play an active role in making envoPAP usage better. That’s why we created envoPAP Research, an open framework enabling consumers, companies and organizations to conduct studies and research for better product applications.

Our vision for this project is to research and develop innovative ways and applications to use envoPAP and to produce biodegradable and environment-friendly disposable food packaging. This will provide a commercially viable alternative to current plastic and wood-based products.

Case studies

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  • Our flagship product is currently being used for office printing requirements by L’Oreal’s HQ based in London replacing tree-paper and wood-based fibers giving sustainability a chance!


    Trees saved


    Carbon footprint saved

  • Our UK Stockists, Springfield Papers have built a great track record of their efforts towards saving our environment.


    Trees saved


    Carbon footprint reduced

  • Our ecoPOUCH is currently being used by Sudzucker for sugar packaging, trying to do their bit towards our environment!


    Trees saved


    Carbon footprint saved

  • Our envoCOPY is currently being used by Founders Factory London replacing tree-paper and giving sustainability agro-waste a clear chance!


    Trees saved


    Carbon footprint saved

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