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National Tree Day With TreeApp

National Tree Day With TreeApp
Trees have always been an integral part of envoPAP’s ethos. We believe that not only should we reduce the amount of deforestation that occurs around the world, but we must also make strides to revitalise and rebuild the lungs of our planet by actively supporting afforestation. Since our inception we have been innovative by giving agricultural waste a second life during our paper and packaging production in order to prevent the destruction brought about by traditional wood-based paper production. As well as this we work with partners that are committed to creating meaningful change to the environment and society. It is therefore our great pleasure to work with TreeApp.

TreeApp allows its users to interact with Social Enterprises, whilst planting a tree through their NGO partners across the globe. Not only are they aiding reforestation across a number of projects around the world, they also work with different organizations who create local jobs and bring communities together. They epitomise support for the 3 pillars of sustainability; Economic, Social and Environmental.

They have made it extremely easy for users to contribute to a sustainable world. The steps are simple; register, choose a project to support, check out 3 messages from a tree’s sponsor, and plant the tree. The app also allows users to keep track of their personal carbon footprint which is great for those of us who want to be more environmentally conscious. Through this, not only are users able to lessen their carbon footprint, they also remain aware of their impact on the planet.
envoPAP in our endeavour to ensure that we protect our trees and replant them, have sponsored 250 trees via the TreeApp! That is 13.5 tons of Carbon Dioxide captured! In addition to this, we celebrated National Tree Day on the 2nd of August in collaboration with TreeApp to fund the planting of a tree per comment on our social media posts. We saw widespread engagement with this campaign and we are happy to announce that as a result of this campaign we’re planting a further 350 trees in Guinea! This will sponsor TreeApps newest partnership with the NGO ReNaSCEDD, a local reforestation organisation striving to increase forest cover in Guinea. As a region that is particularly vulnerable to climate change ReNaSCEDD is working to educate local communities to spread awareness and teach them the skills needed to plant the trees themselves. This will in turn nurture independence and increase quality of life within the community.
With this collaboration we hope to engage more users towards our principle of creating paper and packaging solutions that are not only effective but are safe for the environment. Help us create an environment that can continue to sustain us and our future generations.
This summer, Plant a Tree for FREE with TreeApp and envoPAP!
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