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Why All Businesses Must Embrace Sustainability in 2022

Why All Businesses Must Embrace Sustainability In 2022
“You know what they say, If you got it, flaunt it”
As Corporate Social Responsibility has increased in popularity over the last decade, businesses are turning to more sustainable options for their business practices such as reducing their carbon footprint and utilizing sustainable paper and packaging materials. Consumers are demanding businesses to make the switch to more sustainable options as well and are giving their support to businesses that want to make a difference. This raises the question of why all businesses must embrace sustainability in 2022.

Sustainability is meeting current needs without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs. There are three main pillars: environment, economy, and society which businesses are incorporating into their business practices now. Businesses are making a positive impact environmentally and socially all while making a profit which is needed to maintain sustainability.

Consumers play a significant role in the business climate and can affect the success of a business. If consumers base their purchases on their own moral and ethical standards, then they would buy from businesses that align with those standards. Harvard business school compiled multiple research statistics about the rising trend of Corporate Social Responsibility and found that consumers are more likely to buy from companies that have a defined social purpose, and 76% of consumers will refuse to support businesses if the company goes against their own moral or ethical beliefs. Without the support of consumers and the community that companies claim to be there for, consumer retention and satisfaction will diminish.

So, what could your business do to make the world a better place while still being able to make money?
You don’t have to beat it out of us… We’ll tell you. One of the simplest and most impactful sustainable switches is using paper and packaging materials that do not hurt the Earth. We might know a thing or two about that…
Plastic and unsustainable packaging is making a large contribution to the environmental crisis now. We produce over 400 million tonnes of plastic a year as a society, and business packaging and plastic usage is contributing to this. We are at a record-breaking percentage of co2 emissions as well. Businesses try to claim that these harmful packaging materials can just be recycled, but less than 2% since 1950 has been recycled. Just because it says it can be recycled, doesn’t mean it will be recycled.
More and more businesses are taking the pledge to participate in the circular economy. Where business products and packaging materials are recycled back to the earth and “close” the loop in the circular economy. Through recycling, composting, and marine degradability efforts, end-of-life packaging gets a second chance to be used to better the environment.
Businesses need to take the initiative to cut down their single-use materials and switch to more sustainable materials.
Luckily, there are sustainable paper and packaging options that can eradicate sustainability issues. Contrary to the linear “take, make, dispose” way of living, envoPAP believes in the circular principle of creating wealth from waste. Our Life Cycle Analysis states that our products emit 28% – 38% less carbon than traditional packaging, saving over 1 million trees since our inception. This simple switch has no cost to the environment and is a further step towards solving the environmental crisis we are currently living in.
Businesses that embrace sustainability will not only benefit the community they serve but benefit the environment as well. They also can benefit themselves by leading an organization with purpose and dedication to making the world a better place. Listen to your customers, your community, and the Earth when making business decisions. You owe it to those that are impacted by them.
So, If your business has what it takes to embrace sustainability, then flaunt it.

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