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We Are Now A B Corporation!

We Are Now A B Corporation
Dear Well Wishers,
We have done some amazing things with your love and support in the last 4 years, but what comes next is possibly our biggest achievement so far. It is with the greatest pleasure we announce that envoPAP is now a certified B Corporation!

Why it's a big deal

We have joined the likes of Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia and The Body Shop in meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Some companies misuse the word ‘sustainability’ to greenwash products that harm the environment, but we have always made truly eco-friendly products and our impact can be measured by the number of trees we have saved by replacing timber products since inception- 760,000 and counting. So this recognition serves as a high-five from the planet.

How we did it

envoPAP is a collection of like-minded sustainability warriors who are committed to preserving and protecting the planet. The very first step of our business model, which involves buying agricultural waste from farmers before they burn it, offsets an enormous amount of air and land pollution in addition to creating an extra source of income for them. The second step is production that is carbon-neutral, vegan friendly and results in zero liquid discharge (all the water used in production is stored and used for irrigation). The third step is selling, which we absolutely relish because it involves educating every listener about the need for earth saving products and the impact each purchase makes. We are helping global brands reduce their carbon footprint by simply replacing their printing and packaging products with our materials and it is literally as easy as it sounds! Businesses need a score of 80 points or above to achieve B Corp certification and we’re proud to exceed this already high standard.

What lies ahead

Its bad news for the planet if we can’t reduce our emissions dramatically and quickly. But the good news is that we are working day and night (across several time zones) to develop products and solutions that will help countries and corporations meet their climate targets. Imagine a world without single-use plastic, where trees aren’t felled to make paper and where crisp packets from 1979 don’t wash up on our beaches – envoPAP Research is a project is committed to making that a reality and we look forward to achieving an even higher score when we next certify. To sum up our mission with the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world”
Thank You for being an indispensable part of this journey.
Best Wishes from the entire envoPAP family!

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