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Reforestation – Is It Actually Important?

Reforestation – Is It Actually Important
It’s said to be a great weapon for our fight against climate change. Is it really? If so, why and how does it actually help?
Due to the massive and invasive human interference in the past few decades, this natural process has been disturbed. Ironically enough, here arises the OPPORTUNITY FOR POSITIVE HUMAN INTERFERENCE – Reforestation.
Now, what is it exactly? If you’re going to be scientific about it, it’s the process of replanting trees at places of depleting or lost forest cover, which can be done artificially or naturally. Now, even though that sounds pretty straightforward, it’s a bit more complicated than just planting trees anywhere. In the same way that you can’t just release a house cat in the middle of the Amazon forest, you can’t just plant a random tree anywhere. There needs to be appropriate care and research in it.

On our side, envoPAP the love of trees is pretty much in our DNA. Not only do we NOT cut down trees, but we’re regularly collaborating with organisations and initiatives that aim to reforest and protect our forest cover, such as The TreeApp and 1% for the Planet. In collaboration with the TreeApp, we launched a week long campaign for National Tree Day. It was a great success, if you need proof, here you go. The response was encouraging, and it’s nice to know that people love trees as much as we do. The beauty of our envoCOPY paper is that it offers to eliminate waste and reduce over-utilization of current resources.

And yes, it’s available on Amazon and eBay. Might as well get yours today! For your home, office or maybe you just like having paper around. It’s good for your printer AND the planet! With us, not only do we prevent cutting down trees, but we’re also helping return our trees! A win-win all the way!

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