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Introducing the world’s most eco-friendly and commercially viable office paper. Conventional paper is made from 100% virgin wood fibres that can only be obtained by deforestation while envoCOPY is made using sugarcane fibres that will otherwise end up as waste. envoCOPY fights deforestation, reduces air pollution and guarantees great printability each time. Every 8 reams of envoCOPY produced saves one tree from being chopped down.

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envoCOPY is great for business and great for the planet. We take great care in ensuring the production process causes the least possible strain on the planet. The entire manufacturing process is ethical and results in zero liquid discharge (ZLD). We save the planet one sheet at a time. envoCOPY does everything you expect A4 paper to do. It ensures quality and environmental management.

High Whiteness and Opacity
Available in 70, 75 & 80 GSM
Less ink consumption
Jam-Free paper
Great performance
Running on printers globally


  • Documents

  • Inserts

  • Office paper

  • Invoices

  • Brochures

Certified by Intertek as








Marine Degradable


Energy Saving

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We endeavour to incorporate shared value and our sustainable solutions to foster transformative change, creating a highly desirable global impact.

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