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New To Crowdfunding? Not Anymore!

New To Crowdfunding Not Anymore

What does an equity raise on Crowdcube mean?

Crowdcube is a platform which will allow you to buy shares in envoPAP.
Buying Shares: In order to buy shares, there is a difference between a private company like ours and a public company. For a public company, you can buy or sell shares on any working day of the year. However, for envoPAP, you will only have a limited window to buy shares in us! We will be launching our Crowdcube campaign in the next few coming weeks. Which also means that once we come off the Crowdcube page, it will be a missed opportunity.
Selling Shares: You will not be able to sell your shares until we are further down the line. There are two main ways that you can get your money out, or realise a return on your investment. The former being, when our company reaches the point at which we can become a publicly listed company ourselves. In this instance, you can both buy additional shares and sell existing shares, whichever you prefer. The latter, our business gets acquired by another business. There are lots of variations in how this works in practice, but often the acquiring business agrees to buy out all existing shareholders at an agreed price per share, usually several times higher than the price the shareholders paid for it.
We are ready for an incredible future and welcome you to join us on this exciting journey of bringing in change.

Why are we raising funds on Crowdcube?

As you may know, crowdfunding is where a large number of people pool their money together to back a business they believe in, via an online platform. Using crowd cube for this purpose seemed like the perfect match. It does not just allow us to seek further funds but also create a community of investors believing in the same mission as us. It’s a great marketing opportunity for us to build a support network amongst a wider audience enabling us to proceed forward with our plans. By crowdfunding, we hope to bring all the sustainability warriors together, fighting for the same goal, for a better tomorrow for our planet! You don’t need thousands of pounds in your bank account to contribute to our passion, you can invest as low as 10 pounds! Have a glimpse of our rewards on our pitch on the crowd cube page and see if that interests you too!
However, none of this is worth your time and money if envoPAP doesn’t seem to represent the perfect win-win investment opportunity to you. We strongly believe that with our passion and vision combined, envoPAP is a fantastic opportunity to not just create a company with a sustainable cause but also generating a great return on investment.
Before we say bye, if you happen to be a billionaire and want to make a rather sizable investment and want to have more details about our future plans, please feel free to drop an email at info@envopap.com. We will be pleased to offer you more information since we need to balance the amount of information being showcased on a public platform.

Want to know the Pros and Cons of Investing?

We are more than delighted to explain the pros and cons of investing in us but sadly from our tad bit biased opinion, we couldn’t find any cons! To find a list of pros below!
  1. You’ll become a part of our envoPAP Family which means regular updates and lots of exciting opportunities be involved.
  2. Free Rewards for certain investments. You can find the list on our pitch on Crowdcube.
  3. You will own a little piece of us & as we grow the value of our company, your shareholding grows proportionately.
  4. We have recently been certified as a Bcorp ensuring that your investment will be a force for good creating impact for generations.
  5. Let’s not forget the EIS Tax relief which means tax relief worth 30% of the amount invested along with further incentives and future protection.

Don’t forget *CAPITAL AT RISK*

We would like to highlight that investing in startups is risky. All investments come with risks so please do your research. Don’t invest more than you can afford. There are loads of things that could go wrong, some of them in our control and some not. However, there is a unique angle to our story here at envoPAP, which means if we are successful the shares you buy in our business today could tomorrow be worth many times what you paid for them.

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