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As the Middle East continues to be an important economic region in the world, awareness of sustainability has steadily increased. This monthly edition provides you with more locally-focused updates within the Middle East, so that you can remain easily up to date with changes in sustainable initiatives.

Saudi Arabia’s G20 will tack climate change

This year, Saudi Arabia will host the online United Nations G20 summit.

World leaders have said they want to cut down on pollution and embrace greater sustainability, all in a bid to halt the destruction of nature on Earth. It is expected that governments will unveil a new 10-point pledge to counteract environmental challenge.

Demand for sustainable ETFs surges during Covid-19 pandemic

Alessio Cirillo, Sales Director at Invesco EMEA explains that in the Middle East certain investor segments are rethinking their strategies post-Covid-19, as clients push to adopt ESG principles into investment processes

4 ways the Middle East can catch up on climate action

The public and private sector need to work together to help consumers make the switch to a more sustainable way of life and accelerate climate action, with four initiatives that could encourage more sustainable consumer behaviour.

1. Encouraging water savings

2. Incentivize recycling and reusing plastic products

3. Provide healthier, green food choices

4. Promote healthier, more sustainable lifestyles

Egypt to launch first sovereign government green bond issue in MENA: Finance Minister

Egypt’s Ministry of Finance is preparing to launch the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s first sovereign government green bond issue on the global market which will support the country’s current and future growth levels, whilst attracting more investors interested in environmental and financial investment, and will also add to improving Egypt’s environmental rating.
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