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envoNEWS | Europe | December

EnvoNEWS Europe December
Sustainability has consistently been integral to the European continent. This monthly edition provides more locally-focused updates within Europe, so that you can remain easily up to date with changes in sustainable development in the region.

A Call for Europe-wide ESG and Greenwashing regulation

The regulators of the French and Dutch financial systems have called for increased regulation of environmental, social, and governance data, ratings and related services, in part to stamp out ‘greenwashing’.

Batteries For A Circular & Climate Neutral Economy

The European Commission proposes to modernize EU legislation on batteries, delivering its first initiative among the actions announced in the new Circular Economy Action Plan

Morgan Stanley unveils sustainable bond fund

Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) has unveiled the Sustainable Fixed Income Opportunities Fund which would reduce exposure to material ESG risk and “negative” sustainability impacts through the screening of certain sectors deemed unsustainable and unethical.

Graphene & Europe’s sustainability goals

Pursuing sustainability through scientific excellence has been at the heart of the Graphene Flagship since its inception. More recently, we have decided to make this effort more visible by clearly linking our efforts to the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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