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envoNEWS | Asia | September

EnvoNEWS Asia November

Asia is not only the most populous continent, but is also a market on a steady incline of opportunity and development. With development comes the concept of sustainability, in companies’ relationship with the economy, the environment and society. This monthly edition provides locally-focused updates, particularly within Asia, to keep you up to date with sustainable initiatives and practices in the region

3 Sustainability Trends Driving Job Opportunities For Business School Grads In Asia

In Asia, organizations are beginning to embrace sustainability targets and working towards reducing their long-term environmental footprint in a number of ways. With this, sustainability trends are forging certain careers in the following sectors as companies shift towards greener business:

1. Smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT)

2. Renewable energy

3. Green investment

As Singapore emerges from the pandemic, sustainability offers jobs and other opportunities

As job losses mount amid a global economic slump caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore’s Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu said opportunities will emerge in the field of sustainability. Climate scientists, engineers, technicians and food scientists will be needed as Singapore increases its capabilities in climate action, mitigation and adaptation over the next decade, she explains at the dialogue, held in conjunction with Singapore’s annual Climate Action Week.

Nestlé: Tropical Climate a Challenge for Sustainable Packaging for Asia

Nestlé’s CTO explains that the climate in Asia, specifically in Southeast Asia means that the products that are developed for countries such as France are not completely feasible. Further to that point, more research is needed in order to create sustainable packaging for Asia.

Brown Living is building sustainable e-commerce for a green future

Former Marketing Expert, Chaitsi Ahuja, started Brown Living in Mumbai in November 2019. An ecommerce marketplace aggregator for all things sustainable, the platform curates products that are sustainable, natural, up-cycled, handmade, recycled, thrifted, earth-friendly, and are an alternative to plastics.The website has 2.5 lakh visitors so far, and has 2,500 daily visitors.

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