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envoNEWS | Asia | October

EnvoNEWS Asia November

Asia is not only the most populous continent, but is also a market on a steady incline of opportunity and development. With development comes the concept of sustainability, in companies’ relationship with the economy, the environment and society. This monthly edition provides locally-focused updates, particularly within Asia, to keep you up to date with sustainable initiatives and practices in the region

Sustainable growth a top priority for Southeast Asia as region set to deliver fastest data centre growth

Southeast Asia is projected to be the fastest-growing region for data centres, according to a new study by Digital Realty and Eco-Business, with 89 per cent of regional experts surveyed expecting significant data usage growth in the region over the next five years. It was highlighted that Southeast Asia’s tropical climate and policy gaps as additional impediments to the region’s long-term growth as a competitive and sustainable data centre market.

Neste and All Nippon Airways collaborate on first supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Asia

Neste and All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest airline, are entering a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supply agreement. As Sustainability begins to become an integral value in the region, this partnership will see ANA become the first airline to use SAF on flights departing from Japan and also represents Neste’s first SAF supply to an Asian airline.

Solar Energy: Cutting carbon emissions and power costs in Southeast Asia

Total Solar Distributed Generation is beginning to implement more Solar Powered Systems in Singapore as demand grows beyond the private sector. Environmentally and commercially, solar power makes sense in Singapore. There is a fairly high level of radiation and plenty of rain to keep the solar panels clean. The only limiting factor is a lack of space, where rooftops become an ideal “forgotten space”.

Health & Sustainability A Priority For Asian Consumers But Cost & Ease Remain Still A Barrier

A newly released global public opinion study has found that the majority of people around the world are now willing to adopt healthy and sustainable behaviours, especially in Asia. However, there remains key impediments to action, with the main barriers being the perceived difficulty of making planet-positive changes as well as affordability, a consideration that has intensified in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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