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EnvoNEWS | Apr 2022

envonews april 2022
The 4th month of the Gregorian calendar starts off with the one and only April Fools Day. As friends, colleagues, and family members were busy pranking each other, it was discovered that most British businesses were unaware of the UK Plastic Packaging Tax 2022, which came into effect on the very same day! Funny or tragic? Speaking of tragedy, the latest installment of the United Nations IPCC Report reiterated the grim reality that awaits us unless we make a swift transition to a low-carbon economy. As scientists weighed in on their findings and the road to recovery for the planet, the Gulf nation of Bahrain announced it is banning single-use plastic bags from September this year. Back in Europe, the EU announced plans to make almost all, if not all physical goods sold in its territory comprehensively sustainable, with a strong focus on reliability and reusability. With summer on our doorsteps, as temperatures rise, so will ice cream sales! Although we cannot confirm if that’s what prompted Unilever to announce the transition of its entire Carte D’or range from plastic to paper tubs and lids, we certainly welcome it. In more tasty news, Burger King became the UK’s first fast-food outlet to trial reusable packaging for burgers, sides, and drinks! American retail giant Walmart threw its hat into the green ring through its Circular Connector, built to connect companies looking for sustainable packaging solutions with those that provide the same. Finally, we take a look at the real cost of ‘free returns’ for e-commerce retailers.
With all these unveilings, envoPAP has something of its own to show you! We’re proud to give you the first look at a box we have made using our Kraft Ecom material, for the cosmetics industry. It was launched 2 days ago at COSMOPACK in Bologna, Italy and we’re humbled by the feedback and interest received. Read our latest envoBLOG to find out the reasons we were compelled to design this box and tune into the envoCAST to hear from a very special guest who is helping the beauty industry move away from single-use packaging.

Our cosmetic boxkeeps your products and our planet safe

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Industry Insights

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Meet Us At

envoCAST with Claudia Gwinnutt

For the next episode of the envoCAST, we’re joined by Claudia Gwinnutt, who quit a successful career in banking to help the beauty industry move away from single-use packaging. She founded Circla to provide sustainable and refillable beauty products to Londoners and took the time to speak to our Sales Associate Regan Callender about circularity, beauty and everything in between.

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