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EnvoNEWS Africa September
Our vision is to inspire a world where no packaging harms the planet. We are pleased to present to you our new region based African newsletter. We’d like to use this opportunity to discuss some of the sustainable initiatives happening and progressing in Africa at the moment, both within the Paper & Packaging sector and further afield within the sustainable sector.
It’s in the numbers – how sustainability will support Africa’s long-term growth and development
Africa is home to some of the fastest growing companies in the world, and this provides excellent opportunities to implement sustainable solutions. Currently attitudes towards Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles are lagging behind. However, the incoming generation are motivated by a greater sustainable “purpose” which resonates well with investors seeking businesses with long-term sustainable strategies.

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A call to African packaging industry leaders- sustainable food packaging solutions can reduce waste in Africa
There’s no doubt that plastic and foil packaging are coming to an end and that the future lies in sustainable food packaging! Not only is responsible packaging needed to protect the food itself from damage and spoiling, it also has the ability to reduce food losses, boost the green economy and minimise the impact of waste on the planet.

Please click here to discover the steps you can take to make your company more green.

Companies Launch African Plastics Recycling Alliance

The ‘African Plastics Recycling Alliance’ was formed at the seventh edition of the Africa CEO Forum, launched by a group of international consumer goods companies operating across Africa. Big names like the Coca Cola Company, Nestlé and Unilever are amongst those backing the initiative. It aims to transform the plastics recycling infrastructure across sub-Sharan Africa.

Please click Here to read more about how large responsible companies are leading the way.

A Battle to Protect Forests Unfolds in Central Africa

Indigenous people, environmentalists and industries vie for control over lands that can offer economic benefits or climate protection – but not always both. The World Economic Forum’s annual conference focused on protecting forests as part of the environmental agenda. The forum supports a group called the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 which brings together big names like Mars, Nestle and Walmart alongside more than 100 other corporations, non-profits and governments.

Click here to read about the Marrakesh Declaration for the Sustainable Development of the Oil Palm Sector in Africa to reduce deforestation.

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