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Climate Change Workshop

Climate Change Workshop

Since day 1, envoPAP’s vision has been to create a world where no packaging harms the planet and it is safe to say that every member of the team is a sustainability warrior who plays an important role in the global effort against climate change. We have been doing this everyday, for the last 7 years and couldn’t be more content with our chosen mission. Although the world is finally picking up the pace to ‘Net Zero’, the UN’s IPCC Report from August 2021 issued a ‘Code red for humanity’ and warned that the effects of Climate Change could become more severe as we move ahead in time. Anyone that fully understands the findings of the report ‘should’ be scared. Very scared.

Once everyone was back from their respective holidays in January, we stumbled upon Climate Fresk– a global initiative that synthesises the essential issues of the 2000 page IPCC report into a fun, interactive and educational workshop in just 3 hours. We were quick to book a session for the last Friday of the month and the envo-team members couldn’t wait to update their climate knowledge. Come the day, we walked into a large conference room with our morning coffees and met Marie Geneste, who was going to conduct the workshop. At the top of the room, some tables had been joined and on them, she had laid out a large sheet of brown paper that was going to be used for the activity.

As we all gathered around the sheet, she handed each of us a flash card with a number and it took us all straight back to school! The stage for learning had been set and each attendee started reading out the cards, which had a phenomenon and picture of it on one side (deforestation, heatwaves, melting sea ice, etc.) and some key information about it overleaf. The objective of this activity was to arrange the cards from left (cause) to right (effect). To give you an example, Agriculture > Deforestation > CO2 Emissions. A total of 40 cards were discussed over 5 rounds and by the end of the exercise we had a clear idea of the impact each activity has on our climate and more importantly, we developed a good understanding of climate chronology.
Marie proactively helped us rationalise our arguments and arrive at the right answer ourselves and envoPAP highly recommends this workshop for any organisation that wants to understand the climate crisis, even if it isn’t playing a direct part in the global effort, yet. Apart from the exercise, she also gave us useful information about all the factors that constitute our carbon footprint, with a special focus on our diets and ways to emit less carbon in our daily lives. To conclude the session, all of us were asked to think of 2 ways in which we could aid the climate effort in our personal and professional lives. Everyone’s answers were inspirational, noble and stemmed from a renewed vigour to save our planet.
In our own line of work, we are often perplexed by how nonchalant people are about climate change because the result of our collective efforts will be sub-optimal at best, without large-scale community participation. Climate Fresk is performing an incredibly important task of making climate knowledge accessible and we believe anyone that experiences this will leave the room a better-balanced individual.

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