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Circular economy – Can we be less wasteful?

Circular Economy – Can We Be Less Wasteful
Circular economy – Can we be less wasteful?
So what exactly is a Circular economy? It’s an economic system carefully aimed at reducing waste and promoting the continual use of our Earths most precious resources. Its core principles are renewing, reusing and recycling these resources. A linear economy on the other hand incorporates the principles of take-make-dispose, which has created a huge waste issue for us.
TLDR: NOTHING gets wasted (well, as much as humanly possible).
In essence, the Circular Economy is very similar to the natural system, where resources (i.e. our products) aren’t just thrown away, but constantly change its use.

THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE! The practice must be eradicated in order to tackle the waste and pollution issue that is intensifying at an alarming rate.

Achieving this requires reform from the most basic to the highest levels in organizations. Investments in installing infrastructure that will aid in recycling and reducing waste will be required. Companies must focus on doing the right things as these will have higher returns as well as safeguard their resources, not to mention our shared resources, in the future. An aim towards shrinking the entire life-cycle carbon emissions should be promoted.
A culture of repairing products must also be encouraged as it reduces a “throwaway mindset” by encouraging maximum use. Easy access tools or service stations for products will ensure longer product lives. As consumers, we must demand brands and companies to be less wasteful, transparent and make products that are made from recycled products. Accessibility for further recycling must also be incorporated into the infrastructure. We must demand less use of new resources.
The change can start from ourselves! As an example, a basic tee can go a long way if you repair it, or you can turn it into something else (YouTube, it’s all there!) and when it gets to the point that you really can’t be seen wearing it anymore, turn it into a rag for cleaning. This not only lowers our personal expenses, but also lowered the load on the planet by reducing manufacture of these products.

As a small or large business, introducing circularity not only helps in reducing the negative impacts of the linear business model but also helps build long-term resilience, generates business opportunities with stable economic gains, and provides environmental and societal benefits.

At envoPAP, we’re pretty much as Circular as it gets. The material we use primarily is agricultural waste, turning into a product that can be recycled, and if not, it is 100% compostable. Our company is an advocate not only for recyclability but also for reassessing how we view waste as more than just something to throw away. All for a more sustainable world!

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