A Guide To Choosing Sustainable Packaging

You’re not a Barbie girl, in the Barbie worldLife in plastic is not fantastic. This is something that over 90 countries have understood already, with partial or total bans on single-use plastic packaging items. India and Canada being the latest, and certainly not the last additions to this long list. Sustainable packaging is the kind […]

What Is End-Of-Life In Packaging?

“All good things must come to an end.”- Geoffrey Chaucer.“ I disagree.” -The Circular Economy. Never before has our planet’s health occupied centre-stage in public discourse. With atmospheric CO2 emissions at its highest recorded level in human history, regular climate disasters and rampant environmental pollution, it feels like we’re provoking doomsday. Just like a patient […]

Appsolutely Necessary: Amazon’s Climate Pledge

We had all been spending increasingly more time online anyway, until the pandemic made it the only way to buy both essentials and excesses. E-commerce giant Amazon has seen a natural increase in their number of users ever since. In the last financial year, it made more than $468 Billion in global revenue, which was […]

Food For thought – ‘Takeaways’ From Food Packaging Pollution

The world is consuming more food, and spending more on it, than ever before. Economic development, population growth and the obvious human need to eat mean the food industry will never fall out of favour. Aren’t we blessed to have so many different cuisines to choose from? However, whilst the ingredients, cooking techniques, and flavors […]

7 Ways To Spot Greenwashing

The world is in a race against time to cut down carbon emissions so the Earth can remain habitable for future generations. Environmental degradation is at an all-time high and mother nature’s wrath is beginning to show itself in the form of frequent heat waves, hurricanes, floods and more. Since the onset of Covid-19, everyone […]

What Are The Benefits Of Using Agro-Waste As A Raw Material?

The ‘take-make-dispose’ mantra of the linear economy has created infinite problems for our planet by plundering its finite resources for as long as one can remember. We use unsustainable materials like plastic to create products like bags and crisp packets, which are thrown away after a single-use. Heading straight to landfills or incineration, such materials […]

Tip Of The (Melting) Iceberg: The UK Plastic Packaging Tax 2022

It’s a hoax, stop your jokes, Do you think I’m thick?It’s April fools day, there’s no way,I’m falling for this trick.Nobody likes to be pranked on this global day of practical jokes, even if it’s harmless. But according to a study conducted by the reputed market research and data analytics firm YouGov on behalf of […]

It’s Not Worth It: The Real Cost Of Cosmetics Packaging

‘Cosmetics’ is a term that covers all products used to protect, clean, and enhance the look, feel, and smell of human bodies. The influence of cosmetics products is restricted to the surface and cannot alter our bodies’ internal workings. However, packaging pollution caused by cosmetics has deteriorated the health of our planet, both on the […]

Nachhaltigkeit In Deutschland (Sustainability in Germany)

Being one of the most influential countries in the history of human existence, the German economy has been a major consumer of energy and consequently, a major emitter of carbon dioxide. Until 1973, Germany’s energy needs were fulfilled predominantly by coal, mineral oils and nuclear plants. That year, the Arab dominated OPEC placed an embargo […]

#BehindTheB: How envoPAP Balances Planet And People With Profit

It should be crystal clear by now that the paper and packaging industry needs to look at alternative raw material sources. The increasing environmental concerns around single-use plastic have augmented the demand for eco-friendly sources of packaging materials, boosting the market’s growth. The global consumption of paper and board amounted to an estimated 399 million […]