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Our story of innovation begins with sustainable, sugarcane-based agro-waste materials. Thus, cultivating a second-life culture for agricultural waste.
We exist to raise the standard of sustainable packaging solutions. We help bands make sustainability an integral part of their brand’s identity.
Our Passion is Materials, Vision is sustainability.

Whilst the majority of paper manufacturers plant trees to replace those cut down, we don’t need to. Envopap products are all tree free, offsetting huge amounts of air and land pollution.

What is envopap?

EnvoPAP exists to raise the standard of sustainable packaging. We design and produce environmentally friendly packaging - made from a waste product of sugar cane production - for some of Europe’s most forward-thinking brands.

Why should brands work with envoPAP?

We provide a truly end-to-end service, meaning we design, produce and deliver packaging solutions. EnvoPAP is FDA certified and currently innovating from non plastic sources, replacing non-sustainable packaging and co-developing bespoke solutions.

What is the story behind the business?

Born in Pune, India, I was aware of the opportunities to be had with sugarcane. “Sugarcane is the holy crop in India - it generates wealth for farmers, is less labour intensive but has a high yield - it’s a booming business”. However, vast amounts of by-product of sugarcane - are burned which although generates electricity, causes dense smog in cities making it a health hazard.

In 2015 I moved to the UK to study business in Southampton. Harnessing my family’s experience with production, I set about testing waste products as a base for packaging production - focusing on bagasse. This new product stood up to quality tests and - whilst still at university - I launched EnvoPAP.

Since then, EnvoPAP is now based in London, on a mission to raise the standard of sustainable packaging.

I believe that everything made with fossil-based or tree-based materials today can be made from waste materials tomorrow.

What difference does using sugarcane based products have on the environment?

We use waste that otherwise would be burned, creating harmful air pollution. We are certified by Intertek Group PLC as biodegradable, compostable and recyclable and are official partners of Cool Earth - an initiative to halt deforestation to ensure the end of life of our products..

Finally, we do right by our people too. Our supply chain is fully traceable, working with cooperatives of farmers in India.

Is envoPAP more expensive than others in the market?

We remain unconvinced that other packaging suppliers are exploring the true potential of working with waste materials. However, we remain cost competitive. Brands working with us get the added value that on day one of working with us, their carbon footprint drops instantly.

Does envopap own its supply chain?

I come from a family of packaging producers in India, where our supply chain is fully traceable, working with cooperatives of farmers in India.

Our global goals

We at envoPAP are committed to advancing UN SDGs for 2030, innovating using technology for sustainable development and providing world-class eco-friendly paper.
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Inspired to make a change?

We don’t just offer paper or packaging, but a message capable of communicating your corporate identity. Want to know more?
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Ready to make the change?

From preserving our precious forests, responsible procurement of raw materials and improving our planet, we all need to do this together

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