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11th November 2020


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As a region rich with resources, Africa remains home to the world’s largest free trade area and a 1.2 billion-person market, with the continent creating an entirely new development path. This monthly edition contains updates on sustainable initiatives in Africa at the moment, both within the Paper & Packaging sector and further afield within the sustainable sector. 

Ghana’s Ambitious Plan To Minimise Plastic Waste

Ghana - with a 5 percent recycling rate - has emerged as a regional front runner committed to creating a domestic recycling industry that protects both the environment and impoverished, mostly-female, community of waste pickers. Last fall, Ghana became the first African country to join World Economic Forum’s Global Plastic Action Partnership(GPAP).

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South Africa: Launching a reconstruction and recovery plan to solve Power Problems

An address by South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, set the rapid expansion of energy generation as one of the four priorities. Other areas singled out by the president include a massive infrastructure plan, employment stimulus and industrial growth.

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Future of Fashion 2020 indaba to explore African sustainability

The South African fashion indaba applies a locally-relevant lens to the topic of ethical and sustainable fashion and creates space for collaborative knowledge-sharing between all stakeholders in the fashion value chain. Through sharing tools, frameworks and ideas between South Africa, Africa at large and Sweden, Future of Fashion aims to facilitate the development of a thriving, inclusive, ethical and future-fit local fashion industry.

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Availability and sustainability of farmland key to SA’s survival

In his weekly newsletter, President Cyril Ramaphosa says that “broadening access to agricultural land for commercial production and subsistence farming is a national priority”.

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