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12th octubre 2020


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Asia is not only the most populous continent, but is also a market that, in recent years, has been on a steady incline of opportunity and development. With that development comes the concept of sustainability, in companies’ relationship with the economy, but also environment and its people.

This monthly edition provides locally-focused updates, particularly within Asia, so that you can remain easily up to date with changes in sustainable initiatives. We have collated notable initiatives recently taken with the aim of encouraging widespread sustainable practices. 

Sustainability and brand success go hand in hand in Asia’s Top 1000 Brands

Increasingly, sustainability has become integral to Companies and Brands as the world recognizes its importance. Indeed, in Campaign Asia’s list of the Top 1000 Brands in Asia, tech companies such as Samsung and Huawei, or Banks such as Development Bank of Singapore, sustainability and social entrepreneurship have become a core principle.

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Click here for the full list, according to Campaign Asia.

Drought-hit forests may worsen climate change

“Up until now, forests have stabilised the climate, but as they become more drought-stressed, they could become a destabilising carbon source.”

Trees are a valuable resource not only as they provide material, but also in the fight against climate change. Despite efforts to reforest, initiatives and enterprises such as envoPAP that conserve natural forestry remain key.

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Big Push for Sustainable Packaging in Japan

Quadpack, a sustainable packaging solutions company aims to increase its market share. As the company gains more shares in the mainstream market, it signals a desire, not only from customers, but also from larger companies as they begin to recognize and use these kinds of solutions.

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Rise of Sustainable Fashion in Indonesia

With Fashion being one of the most unsustainable sectors, Indonesia’s market has begun to respond with a ‘rise of local brands and the decline of fast fashion [which] indicates that a focus on sustainable lifestyles will also be part of upcoming fashion trends’. With more customers adopting sustainable lifestyles, this has had an effect on the brands that they align themselves with, especially with regards to Fashion. As an example, Asia Pacific Rayon creates biodegradable viscose rayon as material for many brands to utilize.

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Singapore General Elections: On the topic of Sustainability & Environment

During the 2020 Singapore General Election Sustainability and Environmental Protection became key in many Party Manifestos, signalling more focus towards a movement towards sustainable development.

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For more about Singapore’s journey with sustainability, Click here.

¿Listo para hacer el cambio?

Desde la preservación de nuestros preciosos bosques, la adquisición responsable de materias primas y la mejora de nuestro planeta, todos tenemos que hacer esto juntos. 



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