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12th octubre 2020

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As a region rich with resources, Africa remainsHome to the world’s largest free trade area and a 1.2 billion-person market, with the continent creating an entirely new development path. This monthly edition differs from our usual news segment, containing updates on sustainable initiatives happening and progressing in Africa at the moment, both within the Paper & Packaging sector and further afield within the sustainable sector. 

The pandemic has created an ethos of urgent collective action in Africa

In Africa COVID-19 has shifted the cultural context to one where an ethos of urgent action becomes the norm. A need to revitalise the economy and rebuild it with sustainable measures and collective action have risen. 

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Microsoft Investment to Boost Sustainability in South African Agricultural Sector

Microsoft South Africa has announced an investment of up to R40 million in South Africa’s agriculture sector, which is one of the country’s critical industries driving growth and job creation. The investment is aimed at driving sustainability in the sector for smallholder farmers, who form an important part of the agricultural workforce in the country.

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A Call for Sustainable Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 

The French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) recently launched a call for projects for sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning with a priority given to African countries. 

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Support for sustainable seaweed farming in East Africa

The Nature Conservancy is partnering with Cargill, local governments and researchers to empower communities through increased productivity, environmental training and mentorship in Tanzania. Tapping on local farmers to improve environmental and production performance of seaweed farming, there will be a focus on training in better environmental management practices, smart seaweed farm siting and improved maintenance and farm design

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South African EdTech, GreenED, advancing environmental sustainability

GreenED, is an SA-based online education resource platform tailored for students and professionals keen on learning sustainable designs that are climate-resilient. The company provides online courses, webinars and E-learning is also provided to individuals who plan on staying ahead of knowledge and skills in the sector.

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¿Listo para hacer el cambio?

Desde la preservación de nuestros preciosos bosques, la adquisición responsable de materias primas y la mejora de nuestro planeta, todos tenemos que hacer esto juntos. 



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