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der 6. August 2020


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We are extremely excited to announce that for a short span of time anyone in the world is eligible to own a part of envoPAP (quite literally). 

After 4 and a half successful years of building momentum towards sustainable materials in the print and packaging sector with our award winning products and being currently trialed by big names including L’oreal, Marks and Spencer, P&G, Lloyds and many more! With the current state of global warming and Sir David Attenborough declaring a climate crisis moment we don’t think there’s a better time than now to broaden our horizon in finding the right scalable solution to the menace of single use plastics destroying our planet! 

It’s a great way for us to both raise funding for maximising our growth but also to grow our user base, with shareholders who become strong supporters of the company.

Who we really are?

We are a team of sustainability warriors fighting against wood-fibre and fuel based plastics by innovating reclaimed agricultural waste as the raw material to make an extensive range of products in a carbon-neutral process.

Our products perform the same functions as our unsustainable counterparts, but at a fraction of the environmental cost but that’s not the only thing that makes us so special! By putting people and the planet before profits, we create an extra income for the local farmers, help countries and corporations reduce their carbon footprint and play an active part in the global effort against climate change.

Why are we raising funds?

Our initial philosophy of making green products that do not harm the planet resonates with our clients, investors and supporters. However, according to the UN, global emissions are at an all time high and showing no signs of slowing down. Combined with an alarming rate of deforestation and plastic pollution, it's really bad news for our planet. But the good news is that Governments around the world are banning plastic products and consumer demand is driving corporations to make more responsible choices. 

With the excess agricultural waste in this world that has no use beyond a certain point in the cultivation process, we developed truly eco-friendly & sustainable products. Sometimes, big problems need simpler solutions than we think! However, making your everyday products sustainable is not an overnight task. It's time to take a few steps further, develop more exciting products, protect our IP from the bigger names out there, expand our team, build better sales channels and market our beloved brand. We are seeking funds to make this happen and drive envoPAP to the heights of profitability so that we can be here to stay! 

The amazing news is that we have already secured a large proportion of the required funds from investors who have been a part of our journey till date, including our lead investor, Founders Factory. Founders Factory from the city we call home, London, have exceptional expertise of helping businesses like ours to improve their market insights, relationships, purchasing power, data and distribution channels with a completely unique edge. In addition to this support we are now looking to fund raise giving us a golden ticket to accelerate our growth plans.

How do you benefit?

The funding campaign gives you an opportunity to become a shareholder in envoPAP. Practically own a slice of us! You have the opportunity to be a part of the change you always wanted to see. You’ll see us take sustainability to uncharted territories and we will involve you and your feedback at all stages! Your thoughts will define the direction of our future work. You’ll see the value of your shares grow proportionately as and when our business grows. Nonetheless, it will be fun seeing our business grow right in front of you. Tell people in the years to come ‘‘I was there and a part of it’’!

What has envoPAP done so far? 

envoPAP was started by our Founder, Kaushal Shah while he was a postgraduate student at the University of Southampton in 2015. He recognised the growing importance of sustainability and the need for products that are truly sustainable. Kaushal found inspiration in his motherland India, where he developed envoPAP Printing Paper made from agro-waste and began marketing it in trade shows across Europe.


Fast forward to 2020 and envoPAP has sold its eco-friendly products in 45 countries and generated revenues of over £7.5 Million. What started off as a supplier of printing products has organically grown into developing packaging products serving the beauty, food, medical and retail sectors as well. The world is trying to solve its plastic problem with paper, without considering that one must cut down trees to make paper. 

We have taken a step further and created an alternative to tree paper and our materials are capable of replacing most paper and single-use plastic products we consume on a daily basis.  envoPAP is tried, tested and future-ready. Are you?

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