envoNEWS | Mar 2022

Spring is finally here! As animals wake up from hibernation, humans too are undergoing a mass awakening from a long slumber of climate negligence. March began with a major climate win at a UN Environment Assembly meeting in Nairobi, where almost 200 countries agreed to start negotiating the terms for a global treaty to tackle […]

It’s Not Worth It: The Real Cost Of Cosmetics Packaging

‘Cosmetics’ is a term that covers all products used to protect, clean, and enhance the look, feel, and smell of human bodies. The influence of cosmetics products is restricted to the surface and cannot alter our bodies’ internal workings. However, packaging pollution caused by cosmetics has deteriorated the health of our planet, both on the […]

Nachhaltigkeit In Deutschland (Sustainability in Germany)

Being one of the most influential countries in the history of human existence, the German economy has been a major consumer of energy and consequently, a major emitter of carbon dioxide. Until 1973, Germany’s energy needs were fulfilled predominantly by coal, mineral oils and nuclear plants. That year, the Arab dominated OPEC placed an embargo […]

#BehindTheB: How envoPAP Balances Planet And People With Profit

It should be crystal clear by now that the paper and packaging industry needs to look at alternative raw material sources. The increasing environmental concerns around single-use plastic have augmented the demand for eco-friendly sources of packaging materials, boosting the market’s growth. The global consumption of paper and board amounted to an estimated 399 million […]

EnvoNEWS | Feb 2022

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February made great strides in the road to Net Zero. From cocktail party rhetoric to front page news, sustainability is finally where it deserves to be – centre stage. A global study conducted by IPSOS has found that 75% of respondents want single-use plastic banned and from […]

EnvoNEWS | Jan 2022

envoPAP wishes you the very best for 2022! We have a lot of exciting events planned this year and shall share more details in good time. Years of R&D are at the point of culmination as we are set to disrupt packaging forever and some big announcements are on the horizon so please watch this […]

EnvoNEWS | Dec 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, we must always remember this as the year that sustainability went truly mainstream. The impending climate crisis, growing consumer consciousness and the rapid development of green technology have finally managed to create enough impetus for governments around the world to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. […]

EnvoNEWS | Nov 2021

This November, all eyes were on Glasgow as 120 world leaders convened there to deliberate upon the most effective strategies to stop and reverse climate change. 2 members of the envoPAP team had the privilege of attending the event and witnessing history unfold in front of their eyes. We also attended a futuristic trade show […]

EnvoNEWS | Oct 2021

October was an incredibly exciting month for us at envoPAP! We attended a trade show (FachPack ’21) after nearly 2 years, where our newest product (Kraft E-com) was a finalist in the ‘E-commerce’ at the prestigious Sustainability Awards. Our founder and CEO Kaushal Shah was invited to speak at a seminar on conducted by the […]

EnvoNEWS | Sep 2021

The name ‘September’ comes from an old Roman word ‘septem’ which actually means 7. September was the seventh month of the year on the Roman calendar and it did not become the ninth month until the advent of the Gregorian calendar. There are also more pop and classic songs with ‘September’ in the title than […]