envoNEWS Feb 2023

Dear Well-wisher, Spring is in the air for the Northern Hemisphere. A time traditionally for cleaning and discarding all unused and waste items sitting under the bed, in the loft and in places forgotten for echelons. A good time then to share, barter, lend and borrow, for one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Easter is […]

Creating a Tomorrow by Today’s Generation

Much has been said and written about Net Zero. Governments, Organizations, Civil & Social Groups have raised their voices about what must be done, and what will come, if not done. Yet, these groups who believe they represent the billions, are made up of just a few educated individuals whose message can often be lost, […]

envoNEWS Jan 2023

Dear Well-wisher, 45 days into 2023 already! The year has started with a bang, and the festivals are coming thick and fast. On this day of Valentines, we would like to wish all our friends, colleagues and well-wishers a very Happy Valentines!   Some of the interesting trends that we have seen are: More conscious […]

Valentines Day: Is it a day to celebrate love or waste?

The tradition of Valentine’s Day has been widely celebrated for centuries. However, the holiday has been taken over by consumerism and led to an increase in the global carbon footprint. So today, we ask if this is a holiday to celebrate love or waste?  February 14th began in Ancient Greece where offerings were brought to […]