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Our Mission

Innovate paper and packaging materials that revolutionise the industry and solve the environmental crisis. 

Our History

envoPAP’s journey began at the University at Southampton when it became apparent to our founder Kaushal that the paper and packaging industry needed disruption. Reducing the burden on earth caused by paper and packaging production was at the forefront of Kaushal’s mind when he started considering truly sustainable innovation, instead of green-washed products. Using abundantly available agricultural waste as raw material, instead of traditional wood pulp in paper and packaging production, we created our first commercial product in 2015. Although paper is a widely used commodity that contributes to 40% of deforestation worldwide, every envoPAP product saves trees from being chopped down while performing the exact same function without the environmental costs.

We believe in embracing sustainability at every level of our company, from the technicalities of production to the ethical treatment of our employees so that we fully honour our commitment to the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We challenge conventional paper production every day in order to innovate beyond the constraints of traditional production to ensure a sustainable future. Contrary to the linear "take, make, dispose" way of living, envoPAP believes in the circular principle of creating wealth from waste. 

Meet the team

Country Partners

  • Andrzej Miziolek
  • Peter Olsson
    Sweden, Norway, Denmark

Global goals

At envoPAP we are committed to playing our part in advancing the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Goals. We intend to do this by promoting our innovative paper and packaging solutions to a global audience whilst also educating people on the many environmental and business benefits of giving agro-waste a second life.
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  • Goal 1

    No Poverty

    End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

    envoPAP strives to offer fair wages and safe working conditions to all its employees.

    In accordance to our 2030 Agenda, we aim to create 1,000+ job opportunities through our future expansion, provide sustainable material solutions worldwide and give back to organisations that are tackling poverty and sustainable innovation.

  • Goal 8

    Decent Work and Economic Growth

    Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

    Using sugar cane waste to make paper doesn’t just help the environment. We support corporate farming by helping our farmers in India plant and process sugarcane efficiently, providing them the technical expertise and a ready market for their produce.

  • Goal 9

    Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

    Build a resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

    Our production is efficiently utilised with our high-grade machinery running at 70% capacity; a maximum capacity of 135,000 tonnes per annum. envoPAP is made from locally sourced agricultural waste from sugarcane and wheat straw (which is usually burnt by farmers).

  • Goal 12

    Responsible Production and Consumption

    Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

    The production of envoPAP emits 38% and 28% less carbon than conventional wood paper and packaging, respectively. After use, envoPAP materials can be recycled to make recycled paper; extending the lifetime value of our products.

  • Goal 13

    Climate Action

    Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

    Since inception, we have saved over 800,000 trees through our production process! By 2025, we aim to rescue 5 million trees to help combat climate change and stop deforestation on a worldwide scale. 

  • Goal 14

    Life Below Water

    Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

    We are committed to sustainable systems and as a result, sought out to become ZLD Certified (oriented to zero liquid discharge). This means we reduced our company’s environmental impact by minimising the production of liquid waste and reducing the consumption of main water by reusing water created in the production process.

  • Goal 15

    Life on Land

    Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

    Compared to traditional paper made from virgin wood fibres, envoPAP products are thoroughly green and are leading the charge to make the paper industry truly sustainable. Our products offer a similar quality with a fraction of the environmental impact.  

  • Goal 17

    Partnerships for the Goals

    Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

    envoPAP is a B2B company that aims to make businesses across the globe more sustainable by urging them to switch from wood paper packaging to our high-quality packaging made from agricultural waste. In doing so, we are currently helping Governments, blue-chip companies, material suppliers and distributors reduce their carbon footprint significantly. 

Our Agenda

We have mapped out the best plan to help us measure our progress and reach our targets by 2030. 

2025 Agenda

By 2025, we aim to save 5 million trees by innovating with all our partners and help reduce their overall carbon footprint in the process.


Each metric ton of envoPAP helps save 50 trees from being chopped down for paper and packaging production. Going by that formula, we’ve saved over 800,000 trees since 2015. 

2030 Agenda

By 2030, we aim to save 10 million trees across the globe and also empower 1000+ people by providing job opportunities and donating profits towards sustainable development.

Our Recognitions

envoPAP's mission isn't an easy one, so the recognition is much appreciated. We thank you all for supporting our cause and acknowledging us.   

Barclays Entrepreneur Awards

Eagle Labs Innovation Award

Finalist 2022

The Sustainability Awards

E-commerce Category

Finalist 2022 

Stationary Matters Awards

Social Stationary Product of the Year

Finalist 2022

Global Green Business Awards

UK's Most Innovative Sustainable Packaging Manufacturer 

Winner 2022

Business Green Awards 

Green Packaging Project of the Year 

Finalist 2021

The Sustainability Awards

E-commerce Category

Finalist 2021 

West London Business Awards

CleanTech Company of the Year

Finalist 2021

West London Business Awards

Green 'Circular' Business of the Year Award

Finalist 2021

Build Recycling & Waste Management Awards

Recognised Leaders in Sustainable Innovation & Waste Management - UK



Top 10 Green Tech to Watch


Business Green Awards

Packaging Innovation of the Year


Tech. 2019

Runners up


Big Sustainability Awards

Product Innovation of the Year

Finalist 2019

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