Our Mission

Creating innovative solutions that reduce waste and revolutionise packaging to help solve the environmental crisis.

Our Agenda

We have mapped out the best plan to help us measure our progress and reach our targets by 2030.

2025 Agenda

By 2025, we aim to save 5 million trees by innovating with all our partners and help reduce their overall carbon footprint in the process.


Each metric ton of envoPAP helps save 50 trees from being chopped down for paper and packaging production. Going by that formula, we’ve saved over 800,000 trees since 2015.

2030 Agenda

By 2030, we aim to save 10 million trees across the globe and also empower 1000+ people by providing job opportunities and donating profits towards sustainable development.

Our History

envoPAP’s journey began at the University at Southampton when it became apparent to our founder Kaushal that the paper and packaging industry needed disruption. Reducing the burden on earth caused by paper and packaging production was at the forefront of Kaushal’s mind when he started considering truly sustainable innovation, instead of green-washed products. Using abundantly available agricultural waste as raw material, instead of traditional wood pulp in paper and packaging production, we created our first commercial product in 2015. Although paper is a widely used commodity that contributes to 40% of deforestation worldwide, every envoPAP product saves trees from being chopped down while performing the exact same function without the environmental costs.

We believe in embracing sustainability at every level of our company, from the technicalities of production to the ethical treatment of our employees so that we fully honour our commitment to the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We challenge conventional paper production every day in order to innovate beyond the constraints of traditional production to ensure a sustainable future. Contrary to the linear "take, make, dispose" way of living, envoPAP believes in the circular principle of creating wealth from waste.

May 2015
Laying the foundation: Incorporation

Realizing that the packaging and paper industry needed disruption, envoPAP was incorporated as a revolution towards the use of more sustainable materials.

May 2015
First love: envoCOPY

As our first product, envoCOPY represented the beginning of a world that did not create unnecessary pollution and deforestation by giving agricultural waste a second life. It remains our flagship product till date.

Jan 2016
At the deep end: envoPAP debuts at the largest paper exhibition in the world

This Paperworld Exhibition in Frankfurt marked our first public appearance and was the beginning of our journey in disrupting the paper and packaging industry.

Nov 2016
Back to school: University of Southampton

Our Founder and CEO, Kaushal, was invited to speak at his business school where he shared our company's vision and plans for the future. Giving back to society is essential to everything that envoPAP and Kaushal stand for.

May 2017
Make it a double: Turning 2 and launching envoPAP Open Research

envoPAP’s second anniversary was celebrated through a research trip to the Scandinavian region. We analysed different kinds of pulp to best optimize our own agro-pulp and its applications to various materials. This inspired the launch of envoPAP Open Research, an open framework for developing products of the future .

Jun 2018
A for Africa: Attending the International Print Pack Sign Expo

This was our first venture outside Europe, in Kenya. This marked our foray into Africa, a continent that embraced us with open arms and put us on the path to becoming a global brand.

Jun 2018
How green is your tech?: GreenTech Challenge

Powered by the Impact Investment Network, we were selected to pitch at the GreenTech Challenge and ended up a finalist. We weren’t disappointed at all because there are no losers in Green Tech!

Jun 2018
Old material, new application: The Papyrus Institute

We took a trip to Egypt, in order to understand how paper was made in ancient times. By then, we had already created a paper for the future, but the Papyrus Institute inspired us to build a different bridge from the past to the future. We began considering completely new applications for paper.

Oct 2018
A historic first: JITO-KPMG Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Kaushal received his first ever award at the JITOPRENEURS Business Achievement Awards 2018, presented by KPMG and the Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO). Naturally, this award occupies a special place on his wall.

Jan 2019
Return ticket: Paperworld 2019

After the warm reception we received in 2018, a return was inevitable. People seemed more interested in hearing of our sustainable alternatives and raising awareness about the need for sustainable practices.

Apr 2019
Up to speed: The Accelerator programme at Founders Factory

The unparalleled accelerator programme at Founders Factory made invaluable contributions to every component of our business. With their expert insights, envoPAP was able to go to market as a global supplier of sustainable packaging across industries.

Apr 2019
Leading by example: Europe-India Award, EU under 40

Kaushal received this prestigious award from the Minister of the European Parliament, Netherlands. He was identified as a young leader who will play an important part in shaping EU India trade relations during the next few decades.

Apr 2019
Caffeine kick: A trip to Ethiopia

Our trip to the birthplace of coffee was packed with meetings over 3 days. The British Embassy and leading banks greeted us with palpable enthusiasm. We found great Espressos and even better business partners to introduce products that would put Ethiopia on the road to sustainability.

May 2019
Show-and-tell: Retail & Beauty Showcase

At this Founders Factory event, we managed to raise awareness of our products that could help the Retail & Beauty Industry - one that results in a lot of waste. We also met a famous Dragon, outside his Den.

May 2019
Make your mark: Invited to Marks & Spencers, London

We were invited to talk about our work at the M&S headquarters. It really was a date to mark as we gained an audience with one of the corporate pioneers of sustainability in Great Britain. We love their Plan A because indeed, there is no Planet B.

May 2019
FOURever young: envoPAP turns 4 years young

 Our Fourth Anniversary Celebration brought us to The Oriental Club, where we reminisced memories of our hard work and all the laughs we shared together. Seeing old faces made us realise how far we had come from the beginning, truly underway on our journey.

Jun 2019
Paper trail: Presenting to the ACPME

At Carden Park Hotel in Cheshire, we presented our products to the Association of Creative & Print Managers in Education. We presented our vision of a world where children write their future on envoPAP, which shall replace conventional paper completely.

Jun 2019
A new hope: The Chairman’s visit

Our Chairman, Mr. Kiran Shah visited our London HQ for a week and spent individual time with every member of the envoPAP team. It was a rare opportunity for the team to listen to his insights from 30 years in the paper and packaging industry. He left London energised and hopeful after hearing our fresh ideas and plans for the coming year.

Sep 2019
Because you’re worth it: Presented at the L’Oreal Innovation Week

We presented our technology to an incredibly welcoming audience at L'Oreal. Another event that reminded us of a changing mindset towards waste and our relationship with the environment.

Sep 2019
Future tense: Invited by the University of Bath

We were invited by the University’s STBAH (Sustainable Technology Business Accelerator Hub), where we discussed our technology and explored collaboration opportunities for the future. We found supporters of our vision in both students and faculty.

Sep 2019
Pop stars: WeWork office pop ups

 A long and fun week of visiting various WeWork office buildings around London to promote envoPAP, conducting sustainability quizzes and spreading the word about our mission.

Oct 2019
Breaking the barrier: Packaging Innovation of the Year Award

Presented by Business Green, this was the first award won by our envoBARRIER range, which we believe is going to redefine barrier coatings forever. You can coat us on that!

Oct 2019
Open-minded: Began accepting external investment

On this date, we began accepting equity investments to become a public company, effectively creating a much bigger envoFAMILY.

Oct 2019
It’s on in Lebanon: Paper & Packaging Exhibition in Beirut

There is no ignoring the importance of the Middle East, as every global company strives to have a presence there. Our expo in Beirut laid the foundation for a lot of meaningful business in the region, over the next few months.

Nov 2019
A garden in the desert: Alif Stores

On this date, we entered into our first official partnership in the Middle East with Alif Stores, Qatar. We’re proud of our association with this company that is truly ahead of its time and usering in a greener tomorrow for Qatar.

Nov 2019
Bon Appetit: envoTEAM Lunch

To us, moments like this are important as we learn to appreciate each other’s company and the hard work that each of us put in.

Nov 2019
The sweet smell of success: Big Sustainability Awards

Being nominated for the Sustainable Business & Product Innovation of the year among such a talented pool of companies was an incredible experience, but winning the award validated our efforts even more. We also met some incredible innovators at the event.

Dec 2019
Redefining conferences: TBD (Technology Behaviour Data) Conference

The whole team attended the TBD Conference where we gave away desk calendars made out of our materials, among other things. This was a special event where we were able to interact with others who believe in our mission.

Dec 2019
People and Planet along with Profits: Becoming a ‘B Corporation’

Becoming a BCorp Company has always been a top priority as it represents a community that wants to create positive social and environmental impact while providing high-quality services and products. We were proud to have cleared the rigorous audit with a really high score.

Jan 2020
Back to basics: Paperworld 2020

This was our most successful exhibition where we met over 200 attendees who were excited to try our products. In the weeks and months that followed, we signed commercial contracts with some of them. The most important observation was that sustainability is becoming more important with each passing year.

Feb 2020
Field Trip: University of Southampton Students at our HQ

We hosted 5 impressive students at our HQ for a day-long engagement, giving them some industry experience. They asked us deeply insightful questions and it gave us an opportunity to connect with the leaders of tomorrow.

Apr 2020
In a new light: Changed the envoCOPY wrapper and design

With 5 years since the launch of envoCOPY, a redesign was necessary to show not just how much we’ve grown, but how we’ve also developed our product, and ensure that it is up to the highest standard.

May 2020
Standing out of the crowd: Raised £381,128 during the height of the pandemic

On 17th March 2020, we started fundraising on Crowdcube, the UK’s leading platform. We were overwhelmed by the faith shown in us by strangers, who became members of our family. With the help of their investments, we were able to innovate, expand and educate. Especially during the worst pandemic in recorded history, we thank all our envoHEROES for their belief in us.

Jul 2020
The ENVOLUTION: The first edition of our annual magazine

Filled with stories of innovation, fascinating interviews of industry experts and our annual impact report, the magazine symbolised our aspiration to develop and implement sustainable solutions and practises across all of our business activities for the collective good of our global society.

Jul 2020
Seal of approval: Became NQA Certified ISO 9001 & 14001

As the pandemic continued, and businesses around the world slowed, we decided to take this time to revisit, re-evaluate and revise our systems to ensure they are in the best condition. With the help of AvISO Consulting and the NQA team, we managed to go through one of the most rigorous processes and came out a stronger company.

Aug 2020
Online friends: envoCOPY A4 Paper debuts on Amazon and eBay

Making envoCOPY available on popular platforms, we wanted to empower individuals to change the way they operate by taking up the responsibility to become more sustainable themselves.

Sep 2020
The way of the future: Sunday Times BGF “10 Green Tech to Watch” list

Making this shortlist was an incredibly empowering time for us as we see ourselves in the Sunday Times. It showed us just how far we had come from our humble beginnings in 2015, and how far we could be going in the future.

Nov 2020
Blank canvas: Redecorating our office

In order to create a better atmosphere in our office, we wanted to introduce more plants, which also turned out to be a great team activity!

Dec 2020
Willkommen: envoPAP Deutschland

Growing as a global compameant that we needed to create new offices and spaces. envoPAP Deutschland represents our dedication towards serving the European continent with greater ease.

Jan 2021
All ears: Launched the envoCAST, our company Podcast

As the pandemic continued, we wanted to create a resource that explored how businesses can integrate more sustainable systems, and use sustainable building blocks as foundations for their enterprises. In each episode, we talk to experts in sustainability as well as successful entrepreneurs who have used sustainable approaches for their business models.

Feb 2021
Smile! You’re on camera: Launched our First envoWEBINAR:

The topic for our first webinar was ‘How Agricultural Waste is Disrupting the Packaging Industry. For the longest time, using Agricultural Waste has almost felt like a company secret to us, so we wanted to share how this overlooked resource can change the way we look at the industry as a whole.

Mar 2021
Namaste: envoPAP India

envoPAP India represents our dedication to going back and giving back to our roots, as we hope to set the foundations for a more sustainable India and Asia.

May 2021
Six pack: envoPAP turns 6

As restrictions were lifted, we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate all our achievements despite the most tumultuous of years and thank each other personally for continuing our fight together.

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envoPAP's mission isn't an easy one, so the recognition is much appreciated. We thank you all for supporting our cause and acknowledging us.