envoNEWS | Middle East | 2021 | February

As the Middle East continues to be an important economic region in the world, awareness of sustainability has steadily increased. This monthly edition provides you with more locally-focused updates within the Middle East, so that you can remain easily up to date with changes in sustainable initiatives. Carbon Neutral World Cup 2022 Virtual Event The Embassy […]

envoNEWS | Europe | 2021 | February

Sustainability has consistently been integral to the European continent. This monthly edition provides more locally-focused updates within Europe, so that you can remain easily up to date with changes in sustainable development in the region. EU to Make Fund Managers Back Up Sustainability Claims The European Union is bringing rules into effect on Wednesday that […]

envoNEWS | Africa | 2021 | February

As a region rich with resources, Africa remains home to the world’s largest free trade area and a 1.2 billion-person market, with the continent creating an entirely new development path. This monthly edition contains updates on sustainable initiatives in Africa at the moment, both within the Paper & Packaging sector and further afield within the […]

envoNEWS | Asia | 2021 | February

Asia is not only the most populous continent, but is also a market on a steady incline of opportunity and development. With development comes the concept of sustainability, in companies’ relationship with the economy, the environment and society. This monthly edition provides locally-focused updates, particularly within Asia, to keep you up to date with sustainable […]