Paper is our Passion, our Vision is sustainability

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the market leader for world class eco-friendly paper. We innovate using technology for sustainable development. Our company is inspired by challenge and will use our entrepreneurial expertise to build one of the UK’s largest and most efficient solution providers for environment friendly paper.
75 gsm
Help the environment

Compared with FSC paper from virgin wood fibres, envoPAP offers 100% quality for about 50% of the environmental impact.

70 gsm
envoPAP for all printing and packaging needs

Our products can be used in office printing and the packaging industry; everywhere where paperis used and the customer requires high quality and value for money.

80 gsm
Paper made from Sustainable Fibres

Production of envoPAP uses 80% less wood fibre than paper produced from wood pulp.


Our company joined the envoPAP journey three years ago. We buy envoPAP because it is a high quality product and helps us to reduce our environmental impact. Ethiopia will have a plastic ban by 2020. Using envoPAP now for a wide range of products means we can lead in our market when this comes into place.

Customer, Ethiopia


envoPAP is a hugely exciting product with the potential to create real transformational change and positive impact. At FuturePlanet this is exactly the kind of brand and product that we love to support to make connections and grow. It also definitely helps when we are working with such a wonderful, professional, positive and friendly team.’

Carl Pratt, Founder Future Planet


HH Global are excited about the possibilities envoPAP can provide in support of our Innovation with Purpose program. We constantly strive to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to our fantastic portfolio of global clients and envoPAP is just such a product. envoPAP has a strong sustainable backstory that we feel sure will resonate with our client base, and we look forward to delivering some great campaigns with it.

Kevin Dunckley, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, HH GLOBAL

Paper is our Passion, our Vision is sustainability

We wanted to be able to keep in touch regularly to let you know what we are doing and how this will help improve our service for you.
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